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Ship's Commissioning Pennant Plaques:
  USS Nemasket AOG - 10 Davis Hamlin - Dallas, Tx.
  USS Wisconsin BB - 64 Davis Hamlin - Dallas, Tx
  USS Barbero SSG - 317 Lockwood Hall
Sub Base, Pearl Harbor
  USS San Jacinto CVL - 30 George Bush Presidental Library
  USS Parsons DD - 949 Dick Torykian - New York
  USS Hopper DDG - 70 CDR. T. Crowley - commanding
  USS George H.W. Bush CVN-77 For the Ward Room
  USS George H.W. Bush CVN-77 For the Crew's Mess
  (note: Both plaques will be displayed at the George Bush Library at College Station, Texas until the ship is completed)

Squadron Commissioning Pennant Plaques:
  VT - 51 At the George Bush Pres. Library, Texas A&M - College Station, TX
VF - 33 In the Officers Club Bar, Naval Air Station, Norfolk, VA
HC - 3 "Packrats" Capt. Stephen Millikin Editor - HOOK MAGAZINE
HSL-43 "Battlecats" (NAS San Diego) Aug '00 CDR James Gillcrist, CO
(stays with the squadron)

Semper Fidelis Pennant Plaques:
  Hawkins Bar, O'Bannon Hall, The Basic School, USMC Quantico, VA
Gen. Richard Neal, USMC
Gen. Jonas Platt USMC (Small) at Norwich University Museum
Capt. Daniel O'Brien USMCR (Small)
1st Lt Alfred Learner (Medium - with Naval aviator's wings)
Major Edward Gillcrist USMC

Specialty Pennant Plaques:
  - "Gator" plus two stars - RADM Paul Gillcrist USN
- "US Navy Seals" - LT Adam Smith USN
- "We Few.." plus devices for the five Gillcrist lads and our Dad
- "Irish Pennant" - Hawkins Bar, O'Bannon Hall, Quantico, VA
- "Professor of Naval Science Award" - Univ. of New Mexico NROTC building
- "D E T    O N E" plaque. Commemmorating the Marine's first Ôspecial ops' team. Camp Pendleton. CA.
- Large carved and painted replica of the Marine Raider patch from WWII.
Hangs at D E T    O N E. Camp Pendleton
- First Marine Division plaque (patch) - 30 inches high. At their HQ at Camp Pendelton CA

Carvings: ( "WE FEW, WE HAPPY FEW..." Henry V quote)
  - USMC - The Basic School, O'Bannon Hall Lobby - Quantico, VA
- USMC - Breckinridge Hall lobby - Quantico, VA
- USMC - Marine Corps University- Quantico, VA
- 23rd Psalm (sic) for Vice Chairman - Joint Chiefs of Staff
- General Peter Pace U.S.M.C. the Pentagon
- Small version - Sec. James A. Baker III
- Small version - CAPT. R.P. Torykian
- 25" X 16" carved mahogany - USS Santa Fe SSN- 763 with brass for all COBs and COs. Plus dolphins gold and silver.

Carved and painted U. S. flags
  - 3'x 5' - at The James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy - Rice University
-"CAVU " for President GHW Bush (41) - several
- 3'x5' US flag at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library - Texas A&M University
- Medium size - Pres Bush (43) Crawford, Texas
- Medium size - the artist

Brass Stampings
  - William Butler Yeates quote on friends - many ...20
- "Sailors Grave" quote for Bush '41's Library and for RADM Grojean, Nimitz Museum , Fredericksburg, Texas...Capt Dave Marquet
- Romeo and Juliet quote "WHEN HE SHALL DIE..." J. Heller, Bush - 41, Cleary, Greer